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What is iron


What are irons?

Iron can be reused over and over again and can be reborn as new iron products, so it can be said that it is a representative material for recycling.

Iron scrap can be broadly divided into two types: "commercial scrap" and "home-generated scrap."
"City Scrap"is, as the name suggests, scrap that is generated in the market.
Scrap in the market is further divided into factory scrap generated from manufacturing plants and waste scrap generated from steel products such as buildings and scrap cars.
"Self-generated scrap"teeth,This is scrap generated in the process of steelmaking and processing at iron and copper makers.

city scrap


Buildings, scrap cars, machines and cars manufactured from factories, etc.

self-generated scrap


Generated during the steelmaking and processing processes at iron and copper makers

  Types of scrap iron

​Ferrous example

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