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What is SDGs​ that Yoshinobu Sangyo considers?




Collected from various parts of the islandScrap is a treasure trove!

We circulate resources by purchasing and selling ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

We are protecting the environment of Miyakojima by actively accepting and disposing of discarded automobiles and iron scraps that have been damaged by strong winds.




Some people on the island still need the materials, even though they are no longer needed at the factory site.

On the island where there are not many stores that handle new steel materials, ordering them tends to be expensive.


​ Yoshinobu Sangyo always handles a lot of materials such as iron materials that are no longer needed on the island.

​When doing DIY, unnecessary materials generated on the islandReuseBy doing so, you can contribute to the environmental protection of Miyakojima.




Rather than focusing on environmental issues only for Miyakojima, we alwaysWe do business with the whole planet in mind.

By taking the means of "recycling" instead of burning what people throw away as garbage,global environmental protectioncan be connected to

​Even though Miyakojima is a small island compared to the rest of the world, we believe that solving each problem one by one will have a great positive impact on the earth, and we are working hard every day.




Each person makes effective use of resourcessustainableWe will continue to contribute to society through resource recycling and resource processing.

We will continue to do what we can to create a sustainable society that will have a positive impact on our children and future generations.

garbage"burn"from"Recycle (reuse)"What!
You too can contribute to environmental protection in Miyakojima!

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