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scrap car purchase

Are you worried about this?

dispose of accident carI want to

I want to dispose of a car that does not moveprocedureI'm in trouble because I don't know how to

​Drop the car before the new car is delivereddispose nowI want to

a broken carwant you to buy


Leave it to Yoshinobu Sangyo for scrapped cars!

We buy any type of car!

We'll even take care of all the deletions!

free quoteTo do!

Yoshinobu Sangyo has a track record of discharging approximately 7,000 scrapped vehicles left on Miyako Island in the past. ​

​ You can buy any car regardless of the model or condition, and leave all necessary procedures (deletion procedures, etc.) to us.

If you have any questions about how to dispose of a car, such as "I don't know how to dispose of a car" or "I want to dispose of an accident car", please feel free to contact us!

Purchasing flow


1. Inquiries by phone or form

First, by phone or on the websiteContact formPlease contact us from ​

*It will be smoother if you can easily tell us the information such as the condition of the car and the model of the car.


2. Car confirmation and quote

If the car moves, we will ask you to come to the store to check the car and give an estimate.

​If the car does not move, the person in charge will visit the designated place to check the car and give an estimate.

I will submit an estimate at a later date.


3. Picking up the car

We will pick up the item and pay the amount shown in the quotation at that time.

*Don't forget to prepare the necessary documents by the day of collection!


4. Scrap procedures and dismantling work

After picking up, we will carry out scrapping procedures and dismantling work.

​If you need a dismantling certificate, please feel free to ask.


Automotive parts parts sales

In addition to buying scrap cars, we also buy and sell parts.

If you like cars and can dismantle a car by yourself, by all meansPlease come and visit us to find a bargain!

​ *Depending on the time, the parts we handle differ, so please contact us or visit the store once.

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