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Why Yoshinobu Sangyo has been chosen for many years



in Miyakojima
Over 20 years of environmental business experience!

Yoshinobu IndustryFounded in 1943, we have protected the environment of Miyakojima for over 20 years.

We have a track record of many projects related to waste disposal, iron scrap collection and processing in Miyakojima, so you can rely on us for any resource processing.


Our company is a waste collection, transportation and processing business licensed by Okinawa Prefecture, and we can issue a manifest.


Approximately 7,000 abandoned vehicles processed

Around 2003, we have a track record of discharging about 7,000 end-of-life vehicles outside the processing island, which had been left on Miyako Island for many years and had become a problem in terms of processing technology and transportation costs from remote islands.

As an iron scrap company that solved the problem of abandoned vehicles, we have grown into a well-known company in Miyakojima and have been supported by more customers.


With this opportunity, the amount of scrap iron left in the corners of the fields when it was no longer needed, and scrapped cars that had been abandoned all over Miyakojima, have decreased considerably, and the environment of Miyakojima has changed for the better.



"Scrap home center" with everything

It is a steel scrap company rooted in the region, so much so that people say, "Bring your steel scrap to Yoshinobu!"

Aluminum sash, Reinforcing bars, saddle materials, anchors, anchors, tires, H-ropes, L-ropes, agricultural machine parts, and many other recycled products, so you can get anything you need.

It can be said that it is a scrap home center in Miyakojima,It has been loved by the islanders for many years, with many regulars stopping by with the feeling, "I'm missing some parts, let's go to Yoshinobu!"


raised on the island
Expertise and courteous service

For many years, we have received various recycling and waste treatment, so we have accumulated a lot of experience and achievements.

​ With the expertise and courteous service that we have cultivated on the island, we will work closely with our customers to solve recycling issues and garbage disposal together.

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