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How to use Yoshinobu Sangyo

At Yoshinobu Sangyo, we can help those who want to sell and those who want to buy.

​Those who want to sell

who want to sell

You can also sell resources such as aluminum cans, steel cans, pots, frame racks that are no longer needed, carpentry tools, farming tools, agricultural materials, and other resources discharged from homes and workplaces.


Do not dispose of with oversized garbage
at Yoshinobu Sangyo
Let's turn it into money!

Don't you dispose of everything as oversized garbage, such as general cleaning of your parents' house that has become vacant, or the carpenter's father's carpenter's tools that are no longer used after being stored in a warehouse?

It is surprisingly expensive to put out as oversized garbage because you put a sticker on each item and ask them to collect it.

If you bring it to Yoshinobu Sangyo instead of disposing of it as oversized garbage, we may be able to purchase it.

What I thought was trash was actually an unexpected bargain and sold at a high price! There is also a case called.

Please feel free to contact us with questions such as "Can you buy something like this?"


Purchase procedure (carry-onin the case of)


1. Visit

If you are coming by car, please enter the premises with the product loaded on the truck scale at the entrance.


2.   Item confirmation

I will take a look at the product and confirm the item.

​*Weigh by item, so divide by item


3. Weighing

Weigh by item.

​ *The weight is calculated by deducting the weight of the product on the car and after unloading it.


4. Payment

After calculating the price, we will pay the product price in cash. The transaction will be completed after receiving the signature of payment receipt.

Carry-on conditions and precautions

・If there are foreign substances such as rubber, glass, paint, oil, etc., the price will be reduced or the purchase will not be possible.
・We do not purchase special batteries.
・ We do not pick up items that are eligible for home appliance recycling.
・We pick up scrapped cars. I have not picked up the bike.

Purchase procedure (Business trip pick-upin the case of)


1. Inquiries

Please contact us by phone, fax, inquiry form, etc.


2.  quote

After confirming whether it is possible to pick up the item on a business trip, we will visit the site and provide an estimate depending on the content. I will submit the quotation at a later date.


3. Pick-up work

After picking up the product, we take the product back to our company, weigh it, and calculate the amount.


4. Payment

After calculating the price, we will calculate the labor cost and vehicle cost together. (account transfer or cash transaction)

After receiving your signature, the transaction will be completed.

Conditions and precautions for business trip pick-up

・For business trip pick-up, work costs and transportation costs are incurred, so it may cost more than the purchase price of resources.

・If there is foreign matter such as rubber, glass, paint, etc., the price will be reduced or the purchase will not be possible.

・Unopened items cannot be purchased, so please bring them in in an unopened state.

want to buy

Aluminum sashes, reinforcing bars, slipway materials, undercarriage, anchors, anchors, H-ropes, L-ropes, car parts (car parts), agricultural machinery parts, cultivator parts, tires, gymnasium clocks, LP gas You can buy cylinders, etc.!


bargainof​ can be found!

Yoshinobu Sangyo is a “scrap home center”.

People who buy second-hand rebars from mozuku fields, as well as artists and cafe owners who recently come to look for bargains. ​

​Why don't you go on a treasure hunt that you can't find anywhere else?

I want something like this!If you are interested, please ask the staff.

We will contact you when it arrives.

\ We are updating bargain information from time to time, so please take a look! /

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